You are getting married soon and want to welcome your guests? D Day Wedding Planner Savoy presents you some ideas of wedding welcome signs.

I. Transparency as a trend

To begin with, the transparency on the wedding signs is very appreciated by the bride and groom as well as their guests.

Your wedding planner advises you different materials for your transparent wedding welcome signs.

A. Plexiglas

To get started, you can choose to use Plexiglas for your wedding welcome sign.

This transparent material gives lightness to your sign.

Secondly, Plexiglas is practical for its rigidity. Hardly breakable, it is a sure value.

But still, it is very easily customizable, so you can do it yourself without necessarily having to call a company

Plexiglas wedding welcome sign

Photo credit : Kelly Dujardin

B. A glass frame

Another solution for transparency is a glass frame, with golden borders for example which will bring a noble side to your wedding welcome sign.

In addition, it is also easily customizable, and is very aesthetic.

D Day Wedding Planner Savoy offers you to create your own sign in a frame, to relieve your budget.

Photo credit : Aymeric Neau

C. A mirror

Finally, D Day Wedding Planner Savoy advises you to use a mirror for your wedding welcome sign.

In addition to being easily customizable and original, the mirror can be a real asset for your sign. Indeed, depending on the positioning of the mirror and its inclination, you can change the background of the sign with your background.

It can be very pretty with inside as well as outside, whether it is in front of a stone wall or in a garden.

Mirror wedding welcome sign

Photo credit : Cecile Creiche
Decoration : Le Tandem des Demoiselles

II. Decorated Wedding welcome sign

In this second part, D Day Wedding Planner Savoy shows you that in addition to choosing a material, you can choose a decoration to personalize and enrich your wedding welcome sign.

A. Flowers

First, you can use flowers to decorate your welcome sign. For example, if you have a wooden sign, you can dress it up with flowers, which will give it a certain charm.

Also, if the flowers are light, you will have a contrast between the wood color and pastels as well as the foliage, which is very elegant.

B. Posters and images

Then, to decorate your wedding welcome sign, your wedding planner suggests you make it in the form of a poster. This is a very original idea that you and your guests will remember.

For example, you can make your poster on a white background, with your welcome word as well as your names and the date of your wedding, all with a picture.

Poster wedding welcome sign

Photo credit : Charles Seguy


C. Accessories

Finally, you can accessorize your wedding welcome sign to your liking. Whether it’s through garlands or curtains, all ideas are good to decorate your sign.

Make it your own with your imagination!

D Day Wedding Planner Savoy shows you an example of a sign decorated with a curtain just below.

Photo credit : Les photos de Violine

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