When September came around we had a chance to celebrate and organize with C&F their Rustic and Chic Wedding. Despite the rain when dinner started, they had the most beautiful day they could dream of. D Day Wedding Planner Alps we will tell you all about it.


I. The morning of a Rustic and Chic Wedding in the Alps:

a. The bride

C chose to spend the morning with her two bridesmaids. The two ladies, she knew she could be herself with. She had champagne, her make-up, and a hair artist. She just enjoyed her time off. D Day Wedding Planner Alps always tells her brides to find the people that put them at ease and keep them calm on the morning of their big day.


Crédit Photo: Kelly DuJardin


It is such a special time to get ready with the people that you love in a setting you’ve been so excited for! A Rustic and Chic Wedding allows couples to dream and escape the city for a little while. Especially when you come from Amsterdam, as did C&F.

Crédit Photo: Kelly DuJardin

C’s amazing dress was designed by Lauren Création and her Make-up & Hair were done by Alexia from Make-up and Co.


b. The groom:


F and his Groomsmen have a whole other idea when it comes to getting ready. They probably only took 30 minutes for all 5 of them! A Rustic and Chic Wedding in the Alps goes in paired with a green suit! F chose his suit at Blandin & Delloye, he LOVED it!


Crédit Photo: Kelly DuJardin


Can you feel the energy in the room? Being surrounded by mountains is truly a place for you to enjoy your wedding day.


II. The decoration for a Rustic and Chic Wedding in the Alps:


a. The dining room:


C&F trusted the talented Amélie from Les Embéllies d’Amélie for their big day! For their Rustic and Chic Wedding in the Alps knew they wanted a neon sign. This Neon with their new last names was one of the most important parts of their wedding day in the alps.


Crédit Photo: Kelly DuJardin


This also allowed them to have a centerpiece when they came into the room! What a great souvenir to have from your wedding day. Would you dare to try and have this sign at your wedding in the Alps?


b. The Signs during the wedding day:


The other signs during C&F’s Wedding day were much simpler to allow the neon to stand out. But Amélie put all her energy to have the flowers be incredible around the signs.


Crédit Photo: Kelly DuJardin


What do you think about the overall decoration of their wedding?


Crédit Photo: Kelly DuJardin


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