Are you planning to celebrate an unforgettable wedding in France, surrounded by your loved ones? Perfect, you are in the right place. Your wedding planner Lyon D Day Wedding Planner Lyon – Rhône agency is here to present to you all the reasons why choosing to get married in France as a wedding celebration location, and more particularly the Lyon region, is an excellent idea.


Why you should get married in France


I. The charm of the Lyon region


The Lyon region is truly precious for those who dream of a wedding in an idyllic setting. Indeed, many territories have become very popular to get married, such as Beaujolais, Drôme and Ardèche.


1. Picturesque places when you get married in France

First of all, Beaujolais, famous for its vineyards, offers a picturesque and romantic setting for your wedding. Imagine yourself among the rows of vines as far as the eye can see. Not to forget its magnificent sunsets during the Golden Hour to take your wedding photos. Amazing, isn’t it ?

From charming family homes to majestic period châteaux, Beaujolais, this area located in the north of Lyon, offers a variety of reception venues to add character to your wedding. Trust your wedding planner Lyon, you won’t be disappointed !


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We also have Drôme and Ardèche for weddings in the South of Lyon, with varied and romantic settings for your wedding, with their winding rivers to flowering lavender fields. These regions evoke softness and romance.

Opting for Drôme guarantees you a wedding in the heart of nature, with its meadows and mountains. While Ardèche offers you magnificent landscapes, with its gorges and rivers. Not forgetting the renowned local cuisine which promises an authentic culinary experience.


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2. Mild climate


As for the climate, it is one of the main assets of a wedding in France. And more particularly in the Lyon region. The weather is generally moderate, with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. You can fully enjoy your day outdoors or in charming historic places. However, although some showers or cold waves may occur, rest assured that your wedding planner Lyon D Day Wedding Planner Lyon – Rhône always has a plan B so that your wedding goes off without a hitch, whatever the weather conditions.



II. The advantages of getting married in France


1. A cultural heritage


Ah, France ! Known for its baguettes, its cheese… and its splendid weddings! Did you think your big day would just be a simple ceremony ? Think again ! By choosing to get married in France, you are embarking on much more than that!

Indeed, this country is renowned for its wedding traditions and customs, but also for its know-how in many areas. Whether for its emblematic places, its ancestral traditions, its tasty cuisine or its rich culture, France offers a diversity that will not fail to seduce you.

In addition, if you and your guests decide to extend your stay beyond a few days, you will find a multitude of activities to satisfy all your desires. Destination weddings are often an opportunity to experience a real group adventure. France, particularly in the Lyon region, will meet all your expectations. From wine tasting to hot air balloon tours to kayaking on rivers, there is something for everyone. And for lovers of cultural experiences, from historic sites to museums and art galleries, there’s so much to see and explore that you won’t be bored.


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2. Renowned gastronomy when you get married in France


As the culinary capital of the world, it’s no surprise that Lyon and its surrounding areas offer some of the best food and wine in the world. At your wedding, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the best French cuisine accompanied by the best wines the country has to offer.

If you are worried that your guests will get tired of the food, no worries, your wedding planner Lyon D Day Wedding planner Lyon – Rhône will offer you the ideal caterer according to your expectations. The region is full of culinary delights, with specialist wedding caterers offering a variety of food, from bistro fare as well as gourmet fare. So, whether by opting for buffets or organizing a dinner, you are sure to delight all the palates present at your wedding.


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III. Hire a French Wedding Planner


1. Local expertise and market knowledge


For a celebration that reflects your image, your values, your desires, there is nothing like the help of a wedding planner. Indeed, with her perfect knowledge of the market and her network of service providers, she will offer you the best caterers, florists, photographers, etc. according to your desires, implementing a real French touch for your wedding. For a tailor-made wedding, do not hesitate to contact your wedding planner Lyon D Day Wedding Planner Lyon – Rhône, an expert in the Lyon region.


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2. D-Day Coordination


From initial planning to big-day coordination, your wedding planner Lyon will take care of every aspect of your wedding. Free yourself from organizational constraints and fully savor every moment of your day, because thanks to her expertise and dedication, she will ensure perfect orchestration to allow you to experience unforgettable moments in the company of your loved ones.


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