Bachelorette and Bachelor party in France

Bachelorette and Bachelor party in France

What if you … took advantage of an unusual Bachelorette/Bachelor party to get off the beaten track?

Your best buddy is getting married, and you would like to offer him/her a special moment?

A small traditional moment to start : we ring the bell at the groom’s house and bang !… we take him to experience crazy adventures!

Let’s start with an ephemeral tattoo session. And yes, the groom-to-be has always dreamed of having a bad boy look, now is the time to transform him !

Then we go for a culinary workshop. Nothing unusual? Wait until you see how a whole duck is prepared before you leave with your jars of duck breast and gizzards!

All this has made you hungry. Make room for a gastronomic tour of the neighborhood’s covered market! We eat, we drink, we laugh.

Once you’ve had your fill of energy, we’ll take the lucky one to a recording studio to be the star, while you play the backup singer. Proudly, he leaves with his demo tape and follows you for the rest of the schedule.

Did someone say “original aperitif”? We put on our vest, we grab the paddles and we embark for an aperitif-paddle feet in the water, sausage and beers under the arm 🙂

And the evening has just begun. Barathon, interlude comedy-café, darts tournament… the program promises to be colorful and delirious!

Are you interested ? We still have many other ideas 😉