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D Day ?

Elodie Bansard, a dynamic and bubbly woman, discovered her passion for event planning during her law studies.

After several years of experience in the event industry throughout France, Elodie decided to found her own structure in 2013 : the D DAY Wedding Planner Lyon agency.

An agency that listens to you and is there to make your wishes come true, even the craziest ones! Elodie’s rigor and passion will be a precious help for your D DAY.

The D DAY Wedding Planner agency will do everything in its power to offer you its unique expertise and experience in the organization, coordination and decoration.

Elodie wishes to share her passion and develop the D Day Wedding Planner agency, thus, the D Day network counts to date, more than 30 agencies throughout France, Europe and Canada, making it the 1st network in Europe ! The agency’s leitmotiv : Rigor, proximity and a touch of fun, to make your dream come true!

Elodie Bansard is also the head of the association of wedding planners “ASSOCEM” for the Rhône-Alpes and Burgundy regions, an association whose goal is to make this profession known and to professionalize it.


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the d day “red dress” team

wedding planner agency Burgundy

Wedding Planner Dijon and Burgundy

More about Cindy

With a degree in communication and 10 years of experience with professionals, I will put all my rigor and energy to the service of the most beautiful day of your life.

In 2016, I decided to knock on the door of D DAY Wedding planner agency to discover the demands of working for individuals. Passionate about the organization of events, it is in the world of weddings that I have decided to blossom.

My joy of living, my dynamism and my concern for a job well done will allow you to be serene in all the stages of your wedding. On your wedding day, I will be discreet while keeping a watchful eye on you at all times

D Day Dijon agency page in Burgundy

Tel : 06 87 57 65 92

wedding planner chartres d day amandine wedding organization

Agence Wedding Planner Paris et Ile-de-France

More about Amandine


I am Amandine, ready to make your dreams come true, for your D Day!

After 10 years of professional experience as a visual merchandiser, I joined D Day Wedding Planner. Therefore, arranging, decorating and scenographing spaces has no secret for me!

I am always on the lookout for new trends, and therefore ready and eager, to organize, coordinate, your beautiful day. All this, with dynamism and a smile, of course!

Moreover, I am a true enthusiast, concerned with the details that make the difference. Thus, I put all my energy to facilitate and make you love, the organization of your wedding.

Let’s dream and realize together, one of the chapters of your story!

D Day Ile de France Agency Page

Tél : +33 6 21 27 95 65

wedding planner brittany d day margot portrait wedding planning

Wedding Planner Brittany

More about Margot

Who am I?

It is said of me that I am a “lover of love”.

I am a young woman who is smiling, dynamic, creative, organized and a good listener! Also, I am above all your best ally during your wedding preparations.

I discovered Brittany during my studies, and that is how I fell in love with this beautiful region. From then on, I settled in and became a “salty butter” D Day Girl!

Are you ready to create the wedding of your dreams? Let’s go !

D Day Brittany Agency Page

Tel : +33 (0) 6 72 29 54 59

pauline et zoé portrait wedding planner bordeaux d day

Wedding Planner Bordeaux

More about Pauline and Zoé

Hello !

We’re Pauline and Zoé, born and raised in Bordeaux, and we’ll do everything we can to make your D Day unforgettable!

We look forward to meeting you and discovering your beautiful projects over a coffee, a cannelé, a dune or a “puits d’amour” …

D Day Bordeaux Agency Page

Tél :

Pauline +33 (0)6 47 67 00 39

Zoé +33 (0)6 80 91 75 31

Photo: Loic Seiko

Wedding Planner Alps

More about Justine

After starting my career in the USA as a wedding planner, I crossed paths with Elodie, the founder, while carpooling. It’s been more than 4 years now, that I organize your beautiful days with passion and attention

Whether it is in French or English, I will adapt to your desires so that this day resembles you at most.

D Day Alps Agency Page

Tel: +33 (0) 6 58 86 89 58

wedding planner d day nantes organisation mariage

Wedding Planner Nantes

More about Justine and Marion


We’re Justine and Marion, nicknamed Team Petit-beurre.

From Sables d’Olonne to Nantes, via La Baule, our two beautiful regions hold no secrets for us.

So if you need to delegate a little stress or don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

D Day Nantes Agency Page

Justine : +33(0)6 74 02 37 04

Marion : +33(0)6 04 16 99 29

anais amelie wedding planner centre val de loire d day portrait

Wedding Planner Centre Val de Loire

More about Anaïs and Amélie

Anaïs :
As a child I always liked to organize and coordinate all kinds of precious moments for my loved ones.

After orchestrating my wedding all by myself, I wanted to put my passion at the service of others, so it was only natural for me to embark on the “RED DRESS” adventure in a region I’m particularly fond of: The Loire castles.

I’m Amélie, working girl in white blouse and now also in Red Dress! A native of the Loir-et-Cher region, I’m proud to have grown up here.

I’ll be there to help you get ready, so that your big day goes off without a hitch!

D Day Centre Val de Loire Agency Page

Tél Anaïs : +33 (0)6 33 40 64 13

Tél Amélie : +33 (0)6 84 02 58 36

wedding planner lille hauts de france d day melissa naika

Wedding Planner Lille and Hauts de France

More about Mélissa & Naïka

Hello ! We are Mélissa and Naïka, northerners at heart and soul!

From Le Touquet to Arras, through Lille, Dunkirk or Tournai, we know our territory inside out. Thus, the Hauts de France and Belgium have no secrets for us!

Thanks to our solid experience in wedding organization, we propose you quality service providers. They must correspond to you, in order to create your customized wedding !

We look forward to meeting you!

D Day Hauts de France Agency page

Mélissa tél : +33 (0)6 03 87 81 70
Naïka tél : +33 (0)6 34 29 00 55

Wedding Planner Agency

Wedding Planner Lyon and Rhône-Alpes

More about Cécile

“Hey! I’m Cécile 😊

My motto: to infinity and beyond!

I’ve been living in Lyon for more than 10 years and I’m a true epicurean at heart and always ready to go.

My biggest pleasure : making YOU happy ❤

Organizing the major stages of your life, seeing you smile and laugh, accompanying you in the realization of your dreams… This is what I am passionate about, above all.

You can count on my dynamism and pep in spades to make your wedding, anniversary or any other important event an unforgettable moment!”

D Day Lyon and Rhône Alpes Agency page

wedding planner normandy justine dday portrait

Wedding Planner Deauville and Normandy

More about Justine

Hello, I’m Justine, your D Day Wedding Planner Normandy!

Thanks to my experience, I can adapt to any situation and do everything possible to make your wedding magical.

So don’t hesitate, contact me!

Tel: +33 (0)6 52 34 50 14

wedding planner bordeaux aquitaine dday pauline banal

Wedding Planner Gironde

More about Pauline

After more than 10 years in the wine and spirits industry, I decided to turn to my first passion, the event industry.

As a native of Bordeaux, I had the chance to travel through the vineyards and discover the magic of this beautiful region. From the ocean to the deepest part of the vineyard, I will be your “fairy godmother” to make your dreams and desires (even the craziest ones) come true and make this day YOUR day.

Smiling, optimistic and always listening, I will do my best to put glitter in your eyes.

I look forward to meeting you and discovering your beautiful projects over a coffee, a cannelé, a dune or even a well of love…

D Day Gironde Agency Page

Tel : 06 47 67 00 39

wedding planner le mans sarthe d day wedding organization

Wedding Planner Le Mans

More about Stephanie

Taking on new challenges doesn’t scare me !!! Passionate about event planning, it is in the wedding industry that I decide to blossom today! Combining my professional life and that of my mother is already a daily challenge …. so believe me that making your wedding the most beautiful day of your life will only continue to fulfill mine…

My dynamism, my smile, as well as my rigor, are the necessary ingredients that you need for your beautiful wedding and live serenely all the stages of this one…

I am waiting for you to work, to elaborate and to build the wedding of your dreams… I will know how to bring you the new trends, the originality you are looking for… don’t hesitate any longer and contact Stéphanie

D Day Le Mans Agency Page

Tel: 06 22 25 24 76

coralie d day wedding planner languedoc

Wedding Planner Languedoc

More about Coralie

Biterroises since generations, I represent my beautiful region of Languedoc, within the family ” RED DRESS “.

After studying biology, and then a degree in pharmacy, I organized my own wedding. That’s when it all clicked! Why not become a Wedding Planner? After contacting Elodie, as well as following the DDay training, it was no longer a click but an evidence!

So, I put my energy, my dynamism, my obsession with details and my singing accent (of course) at your service. My goal: to make your wedding day look just like you.

I am present at your side, throughout the preparations. On your wedding day, I will take care of you and your guests throughout this wonderful day.

I am at your disposal!

D Day Languedoc Agency page

Tel: +33 (0) 7 64 55 60 69

dday wedding planner auvergne pauline

Wedding Planner Auvergne

More about Pauline

I am Pauline from the D DAY team!

Three words to describe me? Smiling, dynamic and passionate!

Native of Auvergne and its volcanoes, I have the fire in me! I make sure that the most beautiful day of your life is warm, romantic and with a touch of punch!

Since I was a little girl, I love helping others, so please understand that organizing your wedding is a matter of course. In fact, it is a vocation…a real passion. I give 10,000% no matter what your beautiful day is, because you deserve it!

Very warm and curious, I look forward to discovering you and accompanying you in your magnificent project.

See you soon!

D Day Auvergne Agency Page

Tel: +33 6 83 36 01 00

wedding planner champagne justine d day wedding organization

Wedding Planner Champagne

More about Justine

Marriage, a little girl’s dream?

For me, not only, it is the passion of a whole life from the top of my 32 years.

I have at heart to do everything possible to make your future big day, the most beautiful of your life. My dynamism, my enthusiasm and my curiosity are part of my qualities that I commit myself to implement for your D Day!

Your D Day Wedding Planner Champagne is therefore on the move to find you through our beautiful region Champagne Lorraine the best providers to meet all your desires and create the event of your dreams. Memories and emotions at the rendezvous!

So don’t wait any longer, contact me and we will be able to toast to your future happiness, around a glass of champagne!

D Day Champagne Agency page

Tel: 07 87 11 84 37

kathy d day wedding planner orléans

Wedding Planner Orléans

More about Kathy

Hello !

I’m Kathy, the guardian angel of your D Day in Orleans!

Organized? Of course…I am! Without forgetting a touch of rigor, requirement, and an innate sense of detail. I find my balance between my role as a mother and my work as a wedding planner, which are fulfilling!

Listening to you?
I shouldn’t even write this quality. Of course!

Curious and creative?
I am constantly informed of the latest decorating trends and I am always on the lookout for a landscape, an unusual place…

The castles of the Loire and its surroundings have punctuated my childhood walks. I am passionate about all the magic that can be created around this heritage, classified by Unesco!

An unforeseen event can happen… my perseverance makes me find the solution until plan Z if it is necessary! …and you will have seen nothing.

You understood it, I adapt myself and put everything in place so that your wedding is magic. I think we just have to meet…

This would be the “icing on the cake”!

D Day Orleans Agency Page

Tel : 06 63 81 29 39

alice d day wedding planner nice var alpes maritimes portrait

Wedding Planner Nice

More about Alice

Nice to meet you, I’m Alice!

I’m a young woman with a passion for weddings and an unconditional fan of the film “27 dresses”.

After an initial experience in the events industry, I realized my dream of becoming a wedding planner by joining the D Day agency! I’m bubbly, dynamic, organized and a good listener, ready to put all my energy and passion into the most beautiful day of your life.

D Day Nice Agency Page

Tél : +33 (0)6 58 62 37 67

caitlin wedding planner toulouse occitanie d day portrait

Wedding Planner Toulouse

More about Caitlin

Hi, I’m Caitlin!

After a first career in the event industry, I follow my dream by becoming a Wedding Planner with the D Day team!

As a young British woman who grew up in the Lot countryside, I now have the pleasure of running the D Day Toulouse agency. Also, it is in the “Ville Rose” that I did my studies and I immediately fell in love with it.

Such an important day deserves a rigorous organization, and that’s what we propose at D Day Wedding Planner. Then contact me!

D Day Toulouse Agency Page

Tél : +33 (0)6 46 86 36 31


wedding planner provence camille et marine d day organisation de mariage

Wedding Planner Provence

More about Camille & Marine

We are Camille and Marine, your wedding planners in Provence. We dedicate all our passion and commitment to creating unforgettable weddings.

Whether it’s an eye for detail or a deep knowledge of our beautiful Provence, we personalize each wedding to make it a unique moment: YOUR WEDDING!

D Day Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Agency Page

Camille : +33 (0) 6 22 67 45 70
Marine : +33 (0) 7 67 45 17 27

sophie wedding planner la rochelle d day portrait

Wedding Planner La Rochelle

More about Sophie

Hello !
I’m Sophie, pleased to meet you. Welcome to Charente and Charente-Maritime.

Who am I?
A strong personality that thrives on adventure through travel and walks, but also on good times with the family.

Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you organize your events!

D Day La Rochelle Agency Page

Tél : +33 (0)7 44 86 08 87

jenny wedding planner switzerland

Wedding Planner Switzerland

More about Jenny

Hello, I’m Jenny!

Born in Switzerland, I am passionate about my beautiful country, as well as about event organization.

Having an excellent knowledge of the French speaking part of Switzerland, I am your ally, and even your right hand, thanks to my quality address book.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing incredible moments with you.

D Day Switzerland Agency Page


+41 77 415 73 59

wedding planner d day organisation mariage france europe canada

Wedding Planner Gard

Contact agency
wedding planner jura léa dday wedding organization

Wedding Planner Jura

More about Léa

Hello, I’m Léa!

Born in the Jura, I am passionate about my region and the landscapes it offers. I know every corner of this department by heart! Thus, I help you to find the ideal place for your wedding and your ceremony, whether it is secular, civil or religious.

Creative, organized and in love with love, this job is therefore an obvious choice for me. Rigor and always on a good mood, I put a point of honor to make you live magical preparations. In the same way, I will create a wedding that looks like you!

D Day Jura Agency Page

Tel: +33 (0)6 26 62 26 54

wedding planner chartres d day amandine wedding organization

Wedding Planner Chartres

More about Amandine


I am Amandine, ready to make your dreams come true, for your D Day!

After 10 years of professional experience as a visual merchandiser, I joined D Day Wedding Planner. Therefore, arranging, decorating and scenographing spaces has no secret for me!

I am always on the lookout for new trends, and therefore ready and eager, to organize, coordinate, your beautiful day. All this, with dynamism and a smile, of course!

Moreover, I am a true enthusiast, concerned with the details that make the difference. Thus, I put all my energy to facilitate and make you love, the organization of your wedding.

Let’s dream and realize together, one of the chapters of your story!

D Day Chartres Agency Page

Tel: +33 (0)6 21 27 95 65

wedding planner grenoble isère anais portrait d day

Wedding Planner Grenoble

More about Anaïs

Hello !

I’m Anaïs ! Born in Grenoble, I have a deep love for my region and its incredible landscapes.

I am a certified wedding planner with several years of experience in event planning.

D Day Grenoble Agency Page

Tel: +33 (0)6 01 77 46 00

wedding planner angers caroline dday portrait

Wedding Planner Agency Angers

More about Caroline

I’m Caroline, I’m your “D Day Girl” in Angers!

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been a fan of organizing theme parties! Then, party planning led me to wedding planning.

Come and meet me, so that we can discover each other and organize, together, your wonderful day!

Page Agence D Day Angers

Tel: +33 (0)6 38 59 14 05

wedding planner canada d day charlotte portrait red dress

Wedding Planner Canada Agency

More about Charlotte

Hello, I’m Charlotte!

Originally from the Center-East of France, I have been in Canada for 5 years now. So, when I arrived on a stormy day, I noticed that despite so much snow…life goes on!

Smiling, enthusiastic, passionate and organized, I am at your disposal to plan the most beautiful day of your life.

Always present at your side during your preparations, I watch over you and your guests during the “Day” celebrating your love. Indeed, this is a strong value of the D Day Wedding Planner agency.

D Day Canada Agency Page

Tel: +1 418 932 1475

wedding planner pyrenees atlantiques Emilie D Day organisation mariahe portrait

Wedding Planner Pyrénées-Atlantiques Agency

More about Émilie

Hello, I’m Emilie from the D DAY team!

I’ve been in the area for over ten years, so my life is here! Passionate about everything I do, this job allows me to accompany and guide you during the most beautiful moments of your life!

D Day Pyrénées-Atlantiques agency page

Tel: +33 (0) 7 63 11 45 35

laetitia wedding planner nevers d day nievre et yonne portrait

Wedding Planner Nevers Agency

More about Laetitia

Hello, I’m Laetitia!

After 11 years in a corporate events company, I took the plunge and became a Wedding Planner, a job with a passion!

More about me and my services, directly on the agency’s page:

D Day Nevers agency page

Tel: +33 (0) 6 72 95 92 06

Professional Wedding Planner in France, Europe and Canada

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Red Dress D day wedding Planner

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The D Day team is attentive to your requests in order to, above all, satisfy you and guide you as best as possible

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D Day, your wedding planner, has been an expert in this field for over 10 years.

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To us, each wedding is unique, therefore, we always look for originality

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d day wedding planner team france europe wedding organization

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The family spirit

D DAY is at your side for the organization of your events everywhere in France : Burgundy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Aquitaine, Centre-Val-de-Loire, Normandy, Île-de-France (Paris), Brittany, Grand-Est, Pays-de-la-Loire, Hauts-de-France, Occitanie, PACA… But also inEurope and Canada !

With over 10 years’ experience, D DAY Wedding Planner can help you organize your wedding, marriage proposals and civil ceremonies.

The D Day Wedding Planner Agency is a team work to always serve you better and be at your side. The famous “Red Dress touch” will allow you to enjoy your wedding to the fullest and let yourself be carried throughout the organization and the day of your wedding.

We put our passion at the service of your wedding!

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