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Have you heard of wedding planners? You are looking for an agency to organize your wedding ? Such an event cannot be improvised, for its organization you are right to call upon professionals of the event management. Trust a pioneer company in France, present everywhere in France and abroad. Known and recognized for its customer satisfaction!

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A wedding planner to guide you


Our wedding planner agency will accompany you in your project from start to finish. 18 months in advance, we take note of your first wishes and establish an action plan according to your needs. In order to tailor a wedding truly to your imageWe take the time to get to know you both. Always listening but also proactive, your wedding planner will surprise you, while comforting you in your choices!

The preparations of a wedding are not improvised, in particular because it is necessary to converge a whole diversity of service providers on a single date. If you want your wedding to be a success, we cannot afford to randomly choose a caterer or a DJ, depending on their availability. Each of the speakers must be adapted to your guests and your party.




Find the perfect setting for your wedding


The choice of the reception room is essential. Thanks to our wedding planning agency, you will find a place that will fully suit your couple. It can easily be a traditional locationsuch as a castle or a village hall, to a more atypical location. We have already organized weddings in farms, theaters, or even a barge! It depends on your budget, of course, but also and above all on your style.

The decoration of your wedding is almost as important. It breathes soul into the room you occupy. Depending on your budget, we can find it in a specialized store or use an independent decorator. In both cases, we will provide you with a service adapted to your choices and the place. Don’t underestimate the table decorations, as this is the area most scrutinized by your guests!

We have a large address book of places designed for receptions. Thanks to our network, we will give you the best possible rates, while guaranteeing you an outstanding service. Using our services saves you from many logistical and administrative concerns. Thus, the rental and insurance contracts are our business. With a wedding planner, you are sure not to be fooled!

A caterer found by your wedding planner


Our agency will propose a caterer adapted to your tastes and those of your guests. Present throughout the reception, he sets the tone of your evening. Do not underestimate this provider : from the wine of honor to the dinner, he will mark your guests. The opportunity for you to leave a lasting memory of your evening!

But then, what is a good caterer? He can cook well, of course, but not only that. A good caterer is above all adapted to your diet. Its specialties should be the dishes you like… but also the ones you can eat. If you are a vegetarian, that changes everything! A wedding planner agency knows a variety of caterers, able to meet all food requirements. But also to all tastes!


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The D Day agency assures you a total transparency with regard to your budget, no commission is taken from your service providers, so that you can benefit from the best quality at the best price.

A secular ceremony to unite you

Also called commitment ceremonyIf you don’t have a religious ceremony, it allows you to get married with more solemnity than going to City Hall. A real highlight of your day, this emotional moment will be a milestone in your union.

Every good secular ceremony has its officiant. This is the name of the person in charge of leading this moment. He is the one who gives the floor to the wedding witnesses and follows the program that you have established. This can be a professional (such as a person from our agency) or someone close to you. What is certain, is that he or she must be dynamic while having undeniable oratory skills.
The great advantage of the commitment ceremony is that you are totally free in its development. You can do whatever you want with it, you are not forced to do anything. However, do not hesitate to seek advice of our wedding planner agency. Our professionals have experienced secular ceremonies in all their forms, so they can guide you if you want inspiration or know about good practices.

Learn more about your wedding planner agency

The wedding planner agency D Day was founded by Elodie Bansard in 2013, when this activity was almost unknown in France. After studying law, the founder has accumulated several years of experience in various event companies. Thanks to this course, this profession no longer holds any secrets for us.

You are not born a wedding planner, you become one. It is a profession in its own right, which can be very demanding : beyond an important rigorIt is also necessary to be familiar with the legislation in force. Calling on a legal expert is a real asset!

Our wedding planner agency has a team spread all over France and Europe. Directly present in the city where you want to get married, we have an important repertoire of local providers. Do not hesitate to consult our customers’ opinions ! We are trusted partners who combine passion and efficiency.