Birthday party in France

What if you… gave yourself a dream evening for your birthday?

Between ongoing projects at work and children’s homework to supervise, it’s not easy to have time for yourself. But then, how to plan a birthday party, when you dream of gathering all your friends?

We have a little idea, follow us 😉


Saturday, 8pm. Time to party!

But where are we going? Heading to the docks of the Saône in Lyon, where a boat is waiting for you. And it’s just waiting for you and your friends!

A cocktail party where everyone can get together, a magician who will surprise your loved ones, an amazing burlesque show, a fiery dance floor, a juggling bartender, all in a timeless bubble where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city…

A real evening of letting go 🙂 Because your birthday is a unique opportunity to SHARE a moment filled with emotions and laughter, until the end of the night!

Are you interested ? We still have many other ideas 😉