Have you been chosen to be a maid of honor or best man ? You may don’t know what the role of best man is. Don’t worry, we will explain it to you. First, we want to congratulate you, it’s a unique and magical responsibility. Do not stress, we are here to help you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our wedding planner Annecy.

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I. The responsibilities of best man and maid of honor


A. What is it?


The main role of maid of honor and best man is to support the bride and groom during the wedding preparations. You have been chosen as a witness so you are a person who is close to the bride and groom, so support them throughout their lives!  You will have many responsibilities, so be prepared to give your best!

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Crédit photo: Loïc Seiko 

B. The responsibilities of best man and maid of honor


Indeed, your role is very important! You have an essential role in the preparations and the course of the wedding. The bride and groom can entrust you with tasks: you can be responsible for the wedding rings!


You can surprise the bride and groom with a film that brings together the good memories of their lives! Organize animations, a photo montage or a beautiful speech. As a witness we recommend you to be present and available for the needs of the bride and groom, you know them best! So give yourself 100%. Wedding planner Annecy will be there to help you !

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Crédit photo: Loïc Seiko 

II. Main role: the speech!


We advise you to start your speech by introducing yourself: this will allow you to introduce yourself to all the people invited to the wedding. You can slip in a catchphrase or a joke so that all the guests are attentive and captivated by your speech.


Your Wedding planner Annecy recommend that you prepare a speech of about 5 minutes so that your speech is not too long. Otherwise you risk boring people. Prepare a structured, funny and moving speech! Don’t forget to thank everyone for being there and congratulate the bride and groom!

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Here are some tips for a successful speech:

– Be relaxed, think positive!

– You can use humor to lighten the mood

– Speak softly and articulately

– When you address an audience, it is very important to look at the whole room!

– Finish your speech with a nice anecdote




Here are the things to avoid during your speech:

– Don’t be uptight, don’t read your speech

– Don’t make inappropriate or vulgar jokes

– Keep your speech short and to the point

– Don’t drink too much before your speech


III.     How to be a perfect best man or maid of honor


Our wedding planner Annecy will give you his best advice to help you in your role of best man or maid of honor. To begin, you must be available, it is very important for the bride and groom! You must support the bride and groom during all the steps of the wedding, be a source of comfort.


Supporting the bride and groom is essential, for example the bride and groom make a decision about the photographer but you don’t agree with their choice: you must respect the bride and groom’s decision!


Moreover, your role allows you to write a nice speech to the bride and groom, in order to show you the love that you have for them: it is a very emotional moment! Do not hesitate to write a nice speech thanks to the advice of our wedding planner Annecy. You have no more excuses, let your heart speak! Organize wonderful surprises for the bride and groom!

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