Looking for ideas for your wedding chairs? Your wedding planner in Savoy will help you !

I. Wedding Chairs for the reception room

What color should you choose for your wedding chairs for your reception hall? This is often not the first question we ask ourselves when we organize our wedding, but D Day Wedding Planner Savoy gives you some advice!


A. Wooden

To begin with, wood is a traditional material and color for wedding chairs. In fact, they are quite easy to find and go with any type of decoration!

In addition to decoration, wood can enhance the colors and character of your reception room, thanks to its authentic look.


Wooden Wedding Chairs

Photo credit : Maxime Bernardin

B. White

Then, D Day Wedding Planner Savoy invites you to use white wedding chairs for your reception hall. Indeed, they will bring a bright side to your space thanks to their light tones. In addition, they also easily match your decoration.


White chairs for reception hall

Photo credit : Nicolas Tesson

C. Transparent

Want a touch of originality for your wedding chairs? Less common, D Day wedding planner Savoy recommends transparent chairs.

They will even be decorative pieces! Don’t hesitate to add a cushion on the seat to bring a little more comfort!


Photo credit : JD Nomads

D. Colorful

Finally, why not spice up your reception hall with colorful wedding chairs? They will be the centerpiece of your decoration and will bring a lot of color!

If you’re afraid to take the leap to color, D Day Girl Savoy recommends accessorizing your sober-toned chairs with colored cushions, ribbons or flowers!


Colorful Wedding chairs

Photo credit : Maxime Bernardin


II. Chairs for the ceremony

Now that D Day Wedding Planner Savoy has advised you on the reception hall, let’s move on to your wedding chairs for the ceremony! For your guests, you can choose classic chairs, wooden or white, folding or not, but do not hesitate to choose chairs that are different for you!

You don’t have to, but they allow you to stand out, to be more comfortable sometimes or to get closer if it’s a common seat!


A. A big armchair

First, why not share your seat with your partner? For this unique moment, your Wedding Planner suggests that you get closer and sit comfortably in a large armchair.

You will be at ease, and close to your partner!


Wedding armchair

Photo credit : Nicolas Tesson

B. A sofa

In addition, don’t hesitate to trade your wedding chairs for a sofa to sit comfortably during your ceremony!

It will certainly bring a relaxed side and will allow you to be at ease for this beautiful moment.

D Day Wedding Planner Savoy suggests you decorate it with a plaid or cushions to personalize it to your image.


Wedding sofa

Photo credit : KO films & photos

C. Chairs with cushions

You may prefer to have your own space during the ceremony and use chairs? Your Wedding Planner suggests that you personalize your wedding chairs with cushions to make them more comfortable and to your taste for your big day!


Photo credit : Blondie confettis

D. Large Rattan Chairs

Finally, don’t hesitate to use large rattan wedding chairs! They will bring charm and elegance to your decoration. Moreover, they will make you stand out from the guests on this very special day!

You can even personalize them by adding flowers (for example pampas that match well), ribbons or even cushions!


Photo credit : Les Photos de Violine
Decoration : Anyflowers


D Day Wedding Planner Savoy suggests you formulas to accompany you during the day of your dreams, that you can find on her page! She will be able to bring you many advices and accompany you throughout the preparation of your wedding in the Alps, with the only goal to satisfy you. You will only have to enjoy the most beautiful day of your life!


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