Here we are, your other half has proposed and now it’s time to plan the wedding. But how do you go about it, and where do you start? The venue is the first driving force behind the wedding. It sets the date. But with all the phone calls, requests for quotes and visits, you don’t know where to start or how to go about it. Then there’s the fact that you live far away and don’t necessarily speak the local language. So planning your wedding in Charente can be very complicate. There’s a solution: call D Day Wedding Planner Cognac!

Who is D Day Wedding Planner? D Day is a company that helps future brides and grooms organize their weddings. We’ve been operating in France for over 10 years, as well as in Switzerland, Belgium and Canada.
At D Day Wedding planner, we organize weddings according to the budgets and themes of the future bride and groom. We can take care of the entire wedding planning process, as well as the coordination on the big day. D Day Wedding Planner Angoulême can organize your wedding. We explain the different wedding planning formulas available in the Charente region.


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1. Formula À la folie – Organizing your Charente wedding from A to Z


The A la folie package is one of the most flexible wedding planning packages in the Charente region. The A la folie package includes complete wedding organization orchestrated by D Day Wedding Planner Cognac. We take charge of the entire wedding planning process, according to the wishes and choices of the bride and groom. Also, we draw up a budget and then set out to find the right service providers for the wedding environment. All along the way, we offer you a selection of service providers by universe (venues, caterers, photographers, etc.). After meeting the suppliers over video or coffee, always in the presence of D Day Wedding Planner Angoulême, you choose the supplier who best matches your expectations.

Then, once all the suppliers have been selected, we take charge of organizing the D-Day schedule down to the last millimeter.

On the day of the wedding, we are present as a team (between 2 and 5 people, depending on the number of guests) to coordinate the service providers. Our presence also allows us to pamper you and your guests. We’re also on hand to deal with any unforeseen circumstances: forgotten wedding rings, capricious weather, etc. A D Day girl’s is always on hand to respond to any needs.


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2. Formula Beaucoup: the flexible wedding planning formula


Beaucoup: the flexible wedding planner. Yes, Beaucoup is one of the wedding planning packages in the Charente region that gives future brides and grooms the option of partial, made-to-measure support. The bride and groom organize part of the wedding. D Day Wedding Planner Angoulême then takes over the search for the 2 or 3 missing service providers. In effect, we become privileged advisors in the choice and selection of service providers. As with the A la folie formula, we’re on hand on the big day to coordinate and set up the small decorations (tables, chairs, candles, etc.), etc.


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3. Formula Un peu: the coordination of your wedding in Charente


Finally, the “Un peu” Charente wedding planning package gives future brides and grooms total control over the organization of their wedding day. They select the service providers of their choice and take care of all the formalities. It’s the perfect formula if you want to planning your wedding in Charente by yourself.

D Day Wedding Planner Cognac takes over a month before the wedding, so that the bride and groom can relax on the big day. We contact the various service providers. So, we inform them of any last-minute changes (fewer guests, schedule changes, etc.).

Then, on D-day, as a team, we coordinate the day’s planning, installation and set-up… The Un peu formula is the little extra for a wedding, unlike a wedding without a wedding planner. The bride and groom are left to their own devices for the entire day, with nothing to worry about. What’s more, they can enjoy the day without worrying about planning or other issues. While, for example, this year D Day Wedding Planner Angoulême took a few minutes off to buy fans and hats. It’s a plus that allows guests and bride and groom to enjoy a secular ceremony in the sun without getting sunburned.


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The D Day Wedding Planner Cognac team hopes to have convinced you. We look forward to sharing our wedding planning expertise with you.

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