Want to get married on New Year’s Eve? D Day Wedding Planner Haute-Savoie gives you her advice and guides you in your theme!


I. The outfits

To begin with, New Year’s Eve often means glitter, rhinestones, party outfits or formal wear.

Your Wedding Planner recommends that you keep this festive atmosphere for your wedding! Bride, groom, witnesses or guests, everyone can play the game and adapt to the event.

bride glitters snow winter light white dress

Crédit Photo : Laura Blue

A. The Bride and groom

First, if you are getting married on New Year’s Eve, don’t hesitate to choose outfits in accordance with the festivities. For example, D Day Wedding Planner Haute-Savoie suggests you choose a glittery dress for your wedding. You will light up the evening with your outfit!

In terms of costume, do not hesitate to choose a material like velvet, or with golden or glittery touches!

bride and groom glitters couple

Crédit Photo : Laura Blue

B. The witnesses

Then, you can ask your witnesses to have outfits in accordance with your theme. As an example, evening wear can be perfectly in theme! Silk dresses or jumpsuits, velvet or satin suits will be perfect for the New Year’s Eve theme!

Alternatively, these outfits will work well for a wedding as well!

If your witnesses have different outfits, they can otherwise agree on accessories of a common color, like a gold buttonhole or a bracelet of the same color!

groom green wedding suit winter light snow new year's eve christmas wedding

Crédit Photo : Laura Blue

C. The Guests

For your wedding, D Day Wedding Planner Haute-Savoie invites you to propose a dress code to your guests if you are attached to the New Year’s theme.

You can ask for a color or several colors, a particular accessory or simply a style!

For example, it can be an evening dress, glitter on the outfit, gold or silver, black, etc. The dress code must correspond to your vision of the New Year!

By the way, keep in mind that not all your guests will necessarily follow the theme, so don’t be disappointed. These things happen !

bride bridesmaids christmas new year christmas tree lights pink

Crédit Photo : Laura Blue

II. The decoration of your New Year’s Eve Wedding

In addition to the outfits, you can bet on a special decoration for your New Year’s Eve wedding! Your wedding planner in Haute-Savoie gives you her advice about your decoration. Between colors, objects, or lights, you have various options to make your wedding place to your taste!


A. The colors

First, for your New Year’s Eve wedding, you can choose different colors that will highlight your theme. For example, D Day Wedding Planner Haute-Savoie suggests gold, white or black as dominant colors. By mixing neutral tones with a festive color, your decoration is classy but far from being too much.

In the same idea, you can opt for colors in these tones for your table. As an example, golden cutlery looks great.

glitters bride glass champagne new year

Crédit Photo : Laura Blue

B. Decorative objects

To continue, to make your decoration to your theme, do not hesitate to bet on decorative objects. For example, a mirror ball to remind the festive side of the new year, pretty balloons, or candles!

decoration christmas pink green lights christmas tree candles

Crédit Photo : Laura Blue

C. The light

Finally, you can use lights to decorate your wedding on New Year’s Eve. For example, D Day Wedding Planner Haute-Savoie recommends starry night, garlands or other garlands that you can put inside or outside. Otherwise, there are also sparklers that you can place on your cake or bottles!


Speaking of light, it’s not decorative but why not consider a nice firework display to celebrate your union in the new year?


bride and groom candles new year bridesmaids decoration green pink

Crédit Photo : Laura Blue

D Day Wedding Planner Haute-Savoie suggests you formulas to accompany you during the day of your dreams, that you can find on her page! She will be able to bring you many advices and accompany you throughout the preparation of your wedding in the Alps, with the only goal to satisfy you. You will only have to enjoy the most beautiful day of your life!


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Providers of this elopement :

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MUAH : Emmaquillage

Dress : The F Dress

Photographer : Laura Blue